On-Line Arrangements

To begin the service arrangements on-line, follow these four steps:

  1. Step 1 is the information needed for the funeral records and obituary. We understand that you may not have access to all of the details below (or would prefer to provide in person). You are welcome to fill out as much or as little as you prefer. We will cover the remainder when we meet with you.
  2. Step 2 is to review the funeral service options. These options can be tailored to your preference.
  3. Step 3 is our casket and outer burial container (vault) selection, if needed.
  4. Step 4 is to review and decide on the Third Party expenses. These can be finalized on our follow up telephone call.
Personal Information of Deceased
Personal Information of Person Legally Responsible for Disposition

When finished, click "Submit", then proceed to the steps below. 

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Service, Merchandise & Cash Advance Options

For a detailed explanation of what is included in the Service Options below, you can review our General Price List


  • Option 1 One Day Visitation, Services Next Day $5,715.00

This service includes: professional services of funeral director and staff; transfer of your loved one to the funeral home, embalming, other preparation, use of facilities for viewing/visitation and services or use of equipment and staff if held at other facility, funeral coach (hearse), lead car for procession, guest register book, acknowledgment cards, memorial cards and four laminated obituary bookmarks.  

This option does not include limousine, casket, outer burial container (vault) or cash advance expenses (expenses paid to a third party), such as newspaper obituary, hairdresser, certified copies of death, clergy honorarium.

  • Option 2 One Hour Visitation prior to Service $5,360.00
  • Option 3 Cremation Service - One Day Visitation, Services Next Day, followed by Cremation $6,035.00
  • Option 4 Cremation Service - One Hour Visitation prior to Service followed by $5,680.00

This service includes: our Direct Cremation Service as per General Price List, use of facilities for memorial service or staff at other facility for visitation and/or memorial service up two hours, register book, memorial or prayer cards, acknowledgment cards, use of silk floral arrangements and four laminated bookmarks.  

*For a Memorial Service at Graveside, add $230.00        

These options do not include cremation urn, outer burial container or cash advance expenses (expenses paid to a third party), such as newspaper obituary, certified copies of death, clergy honorarium.

Cash Advanced Expenses

These items are paid to a third party for your convenience and are not funeral home charges or fees.

  • Clergy Honorarium - Customary Range $50 to $150.00
  • Obituary, Observer-Reporter - $225 to $275.00 average including picture
  • Beautician - $35.00
  • Certified Copies of the Death Certificate, $20.00 each

Copies may be needed for: Property Deed(s), Stocks and Bonds, Banks and Credit Unions, Veterans Administration, Mortgage Companies and Lenders, Pension Providers, Life Insurance (one copy per  company),  Will and Estate, Credit Card and Merchant Companies, Private Retirement Plans

Note: For a deceased veteran, or the deceased spouse, there may be no charge for the certified copies.